Laser show

Лазер-шоу в Одессе на заказ
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Laser show in Odessa can be used on various events - presentations, weddings, corporate parties, etc. It could be a colorful addition to your party and a wonderful gift to friends or relatives.

    Types of laser show:

    • projection on various surfaces (walls, screen, floor, etc.);
    • laser + smoke generator;
    • demonstration of laser animated cartoon;
    • creation of three-dimensional objects, numbers, letters, inscriptions and logos.

    We can create a movie or presentation with the laser. Laser show also can be used for lighting a disco.

    Show can be performed with a single color or full-color lasers.

    The price of service includes:

    • design of single color laser show;
    • delivery of equipment;
    • installation and dismantling;
    • adjustment of equipment;
    • demonstration of laser show.

    The price of full-color laser show is 5000 UAH.

    If you want to make a special scenario of laser show it will be paid separately.

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