Special effects

Спецэффекты в Одессе
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    We offer the performance with various special effects in Odessa on different events. We will embody cinema effects into your life.

    Our actors will help you joke under your friends, acquaintances or relatives.

    There are several scenarios. For example, you will have a quarrel with waiter at the restaurant where your event will take place - and you will break a bottle over his head. Another scenario: you will celebrate your birthday and suddenly a gangster will break into your house. He will shoot into you with a gun.

    We can offer you our ideas or realize your plan.

    Our actors have a great experience, so no one will suspect that this situation is a fiction.

    All used props will be fake. However, everything will look very realistic. If you will be a "victim", we will do a make up for you – it concerns to the imitation of the shot or imitation of the cut throat.

    Types and price of special effects:

    • simulation of a gunshot - 700 UAH;
    • cutting a throat - 600 UAH;
    • break a bottle on one’s head - 900 UAH;
    • simulate the explosion - 800 UAH;
    • shoot out of cannon - 800 UAH.
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