Band “VIA Gra”

Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    You can order the performance of the band "VIA Gra" in Odessa. VIA Gra – is the legendary Ukrainian-Russian pop group. The members of the band changed through the years.

    In the 2013 year the band included the following singers; Dasha Medovaya, Aina Wilberg and Dasha Rostova. The creator and producer of the group - Dmitry Kostyuk.

    On the 15th of October in 2013 the band presented to the public a new concert program and a new video for the song "Alive" in Moscow. Girls attracted people from the first performance not only for theirs natural beauty, but also powerful vocal.

    Aristocratic sexuality, sensual vocal, elegant choreography, lyrical texts and melody - the new VIA Gra, sincere and elegant, makes the audience excited. Songs of the band becomes hits, getting to the top radio stations. Songs "Not knowing barriers" and "Alive" - the first hits that headed various music charts immediately after its release.

    Duration of performance - 40 minutes.

    Price of performance - 255000 UAH.

    Extras charges:

    • transport costs;
    • technical and hospitality rider.

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