Instrumental duet

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*Cost includes manager support

    New original instrumental duet in Odessa - a collaboration of the familiar accordion and an unusual percussion. Musicians create an absolutely unique sound together that will decorate any event!Accordion - pretty traditional, well-known musical instrument. Some people even consider it outdated and uninteresting. However, if you combine accordion with something new and interesting, you may have great music! That's how the musicians created a duo.

    Percussion refers to the drum kit, but not of the kind you used to see as a part of a standard drum kit. The structure consists of ethnic percussion instruments from India, the Middle East, West African tribes, Latin America. Among them are the familiar bells, tambourine, triangle and mysterious tabla, darbuka, tambourine, djembe, cowbell, congas, bongos, etc.

    Also, the duo is working closely with a singer and a guitarist. The four musicians play songs of the good old French chanson.

    The repertoire of the quartet:

    • Edith Piaf;
    • Mireille Mathieu;
    • Michel Sardou;
    • Nino Ferrer;
    • Damiana and other performers of classical chanson francophone.

    The group creates an intimate atmosphere, where everyone feels like home and this will play into the hands of you, as the organizer of the event.

    Technical rider:

    • two columns;
    • remote controller;
    • 4 microphone (6 microphones for the quartet);
    • basic combo (for quartet only).

    The performance consists of 2 sets of 45 minutes.

    Technical rider is calculated separately, depending on the composition of the band.


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