клоун в садик одесса
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Clown - is the most popular image of the animator at children's parties and more. real image - unique. It is suitable for children of all ages and will be a great addition to the thematic events and during promotions.

    Experience the artist - more than 5 years. On the feast of Odessa clowns never come empty-handed. In their arsenal not only a large number of games, quizzes and entertainment, they also bring with them a huge suitcase with props: balls, tunnels, blocks, rope, rezinochki, balls and much more.

       Ordering a clown on a holiday you decide what to do with the issue and entertain children. The holiday, which will remain in memory clown at children and adults!

    Clown in a garden in Odessa

       Invite animator in the image of a clown at a birthday party in the kindergarten for the little ones. If the child has no fear of the bright make-up and wig, the clown - it's a decent option for a fun filled birthday. Call to him or clown clown - or Klёpu Bead! Clowns in a garden in Odessa - solution to the problem "What to do with kids?"

    The price includes:

    • Delivery within the city of Odessa;
    • the work of animator;
    • props for games;
    • rental of musical speakers and a microphone (if needed).

       Our clowns are able to reach out to all children and all ages! Our new suits, without odors and stains. Clowns do not come on holiday in sneakers or flip flops! Our full clown costume - with this clown shoes.

       Job clown is possible both indoors (house, apartment, banquet hall), as well as outdoors (park, courtyard, street, park).

       The optimal number of children, which can handle a clown - up to 10 people.

       Order clown in Odessa you can at the phone number listed on our site!


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