Corporate events for Ciklum

This weekend we organized a double event for our Client Ciklum, which took place simultaneously in two cities: Odessa and Vinnitsa.

Category: corporate event;

Dates October 6, 2018;

Place: Restaurant "Amsterdam", Odeca

The number of states: 100 persons;

On corporate parties, outstanding workers were honored and noted, a video Pusher mounted a video, they danced to popular cover bands, carried out a fabulous cake, smoked hookahs and enjoyed themselves.
However, the content of the holidays was a little different in the cities.
In Odessa, there was a dancing flash mob, which amused and forced to warm up before the Cover band's performance, a paper show with fluffy animators and a bright hodulist, an illusionist number, as always accompanied by the question "how does he do it?" and during the evening the famous duet of the hosts held contests in which guests could earn Ciklumcoins and then spend them at auction.
And at the same time in Vinnitsa there was a barman of the show with incendiary bartenders who treated the guests with delicious cocktails, the show of extreme dance ballet, which struck everyone with their tricks and non-karaoke.
We also designed the hall and photo zone, provided a projector and a screen.
Both events were accompanied by photographers, videographers, DJs and technical staff.

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