Laser cutting and engraving

Лазерная резка Одесса
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Unfortunately, the service is no longer available for order and is archived.

Laser cutting and engraving in Odessa is a service that allows to produce unique invitations, furniture, souvenirs, candy boxes and more.

Laser engraving can be used to create unusual things in the interior, clothes or souvenirs. Engraving can be done on the things of the following materials: wood, leather, acrylic, polystyrene, fabric, stone, tile, glass, mirror.

For example, you can make invitations on wooden boards, signs on the tables, write a greeting on plastic or acrylic, order sign on the door, the painting on stone, glass or mirror. You can also decorate things made of leather - it may be drawing on shoes, wallet, clothes.

Laser cutting is carried out on the following materials: wood, acrylic, cardboard, foam rubber, styrofoam, plastic.

Variants of products:

  • styrofoam props for a photo shoot or decoration for the room;
  • wooden plaques, inscriptions;
  • decorative wood panels;
  • key rings;
  • bonbonniere;
  • invitations;
  • carved screen.

Objects can be made to your individual project or we will offer you your sketches.

The price of engraving (1 cm2):

  • wood, plastic: 0,25 UAH;
  • glass: 0,4 UAH;
  • stone: 0,5 UAH.

Price of cutting (1 linear meter):

  • acrylic: 3-16 UAH (thickness 1-10 mm);
  • polystyrene: 4-5 UAH (thickness 1-1,5 mm);
  • wood, plywood: 6-14 UAH (thickness 4-10 mm);
  • MDF : 4-14 UAH (thickness 2-10 mm);
  • veneer: 3-7 UAH (thickness 0,5-3 mm);
  • paper: 3 UAH (thickness: 250 g/m2);
  • cardboard: 4-6 UAH (thickness of 350 and 600 g/m2);
  • fabric: 3-5 UAH (thickness 1-2 mm);
  • skin: 5-8 UAH (thickness 1-2 mm);
  • foam rubber: 4-8 UAH (thickness 10-20 mm).

The price depends on the amount of work (the surface area on which to make the engraving or cutting), the material and its thickness.

Materials are paid separately.

Minimum order - from 100 UAH.

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