Мастер-класс по гончарству

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 Pottery master class in Odessa will help you create your own hands the product of clay. This is a great gift for any occasion.

 Pottery - the art of making clay dishes and other products.

   Since ancient times, people use products and utensils made of clay. Back in the Neolithic period there were people, made of clay products. Their names were potters.

   Since then, people have invented many tools to help them master the art of pottery. For example, the most important - the potter's wheel and kiln finished product.

Several important aspects of the pottery, which you should read:

  • clay product, potter looking for yourself. Fits any clay, but a black and dry;
  • future potter must develop creative thinking, and the makings of an artist to the product obtained aesthetic;
  • pottery also requires good physical fitness person. It is not recommended to engage in pottery for those who have respiratory diseases, musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system and the skin of the hands;
  • Potter must be set to positive at the time of manufacture of the product - and then the product is a beautiful and strong.

You will learn how to master class in pottery:

  • knead the clay;
  • master tape molding technology;
  • make a cup, bowl, "vase";
  • create amulets, bird-whistles;
  • and much more .


  • on-site MK - 300 UAH / person.
  • on the individual - 400 UAH / person (in the studio 1 hour).

All products are made with his own, You have the right to take away with them.

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