New Year’s holiday for beloved children

сладкая вата одесса

Celebration organization is a real calling. And even more so when the guests of the Holiday are children!

We have organized the Children's New Year for Provectus.

At the very beginning of our event, little guests were greeted by an aqua make-up artist who applied magic drawings to their faces!

The holiday was made delicious by the fragrant cotton candy and everyone's favorite popcorn, which also delighted the children throughout the event!

For active little guests, we have prepared a trampoline and a dry pool with balls for the little ones.

For older children, there was a master class on creating a magic snow globe, and for the most adults, an exciting robotics master class was held. Parents also did not stand aside and helped in the process as best they could.

And of course, at the end of the event, as befits a New Year's holiday, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden came to us with congratulations and gifts!

To give children joy, bright emotions, positive - this is the real goal of our work! We are able to decorate any holiday, make it unlike anything you have seen before!

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