Celebrating a birthday in quarantine is not much fun: you can’t gather a group of friends in isolation

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    Celebrating a birthday in quarantine is not very fun: in isolation, the company of friends will not gather. But there is no need to despair and give up the party - it can be organised online

    The regime of self-isolation has disrupted the plans of many. But most of all it is a shame for those who celebrate their birthday in this period. Instead of cake, sandwiches, and the Happy Birthday song from friends will be replaced by Irina Allegrova.

    If this is how you imagine a birthday in April, we are ready to change that. Many of our subscribers have a personal holiday fell on a period of self-isolation, but they are not upset and do not get discouraged.


    • Warn your virtual guests in advance about the virtual party. Everyone should have Skype/zoom installed on their computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Having a webcam is not just welcome, but even required.
    • Preparing the alcohol "investment". Each invitee himself takes care of drinks and snacks, which will then be consumed by himself. Although it is possible to make a chic gesture: send alcoholic drinks to friends with the help of a courier.
    • Arrange a video conference with all the guests. Now you can raise your glasses and start celebrating.


    For all its haplessness and some unnaturalness, this option has a number of advantages:


    • You can celebrate a birthday with virtually no money.
    • You and your guests don't have to go home, spending money on taxis and risking to find "adventures on the ass".
    • You don't need to dress up, at least below the waist... And if the quality of the webcam is not pleasing, the girls don't have to try too hard with make-up and hair.
    • Distance and different time zones are not a hindrance. But it is better not to forget to take them into account. The fact that you have evening time, may well turn out to be morning at the drinker.


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