Beach complex Mafia Rave Terrace

Пляжный комплекс Mafia Rave Terrace
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    Beach complex Mafia Rave Terrace

    Mafia Rave Terrace is a combination of pleasant atmosphere, comfort, delicious cuisine and stunning sea views. Beachfront complex with green areas, swimming pool, beach, kitchen and bar.

    The complex provides its customers with a wide range of different services. The magnificent pool area, green area, snow-white terrace with stunning sea views and a cozy bar with a large selection of drinks are specially created for your relaxation and enjoyment. Everyone can choose a place for themselves, based on their preferences.

    Restaurant Mafia Rave

    Connoisseurs of cocktails and drinks complex offers a lot of items from the menu, which will prepare the masterly masters of their craft. They will tell you what will help you relax and escape from the noisy city, hustle and routine. The menu presents world cuisines:

    • European
    • the japanese
    • mediterranean
    • Odessa
    • author's cuisine from Chef.


    Any banquet, corporate party, wedding, birthday or just an important day for you you can comfortably spend in a large indoor air-conditioned tent with a capacity of about 500 people. The tent is equipped with all necessary light and sound equipment, as well as a large stage for performances by artists and music groups.

    For lovers of secluded relaxation, the complex provides a spacious, air-conditioned VIP tent with a capacity of about 25 people. It is perfect for a small event or a private holiday.

    Green Zone

    An ideal place for a relaxing holiday. Roomy tents and soft lounge chairs will give you the opportunity to relax in the shade of the trees. It is often used for small cozy holidays and parties. At the disposal of the green zone 20 sun loungers, 20 comfortable beach chairs and 5 cozy tents. Around the pool there are 80 sun loungers and 3 comfortable beds for your rest. Also, in the restaurant area there are 4 more beds and 20 deck chairs.

    The entire territory has a modern infrastructure that meets the highest requirements.

    Capacity: up to 1000 people throughout

    Rental locations: 200 000 UAH (if your catering), 150 000 UAH. - deposit and 100 000 UAH. Territory rental (if ordered in a restaurant)

    Distance from the center: 4 km

    Restaurant: from 1500 UAH / person. + 10% service

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