Full name (organization)

Igor Fedorovich

The holiday organized by the agency
Meeting my wife from the maternity hospital

What services (artists) were at the festival?
Angels on stilts, a song with musicians, a limousine, a cameraman and other pleasant surprises and gifts from the organizers

Which ones did you like and why?
Musicians. Yes, everything! And in a short time, and at the last moment, we decided on the time

Rate the quality of the organization (from 1 to 5): 5

What did you like most about organizing the holiday?
Efficiency, quality and friendliness.

What would you like to improve in organizing the holiday?
Dress the limousine driver in a suit with a cap - it would be impressive and very beautiful

What would you like to wish us?
At a minimum, to be no worse than they are, and at the most, it’s hard to say what you can wish for professionals in their field. Good health, success, more orders, making people happy and walking through life with God.

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