Master Class “Ebru-patterns on the water”

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Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

        Master Class "Ebru-patterns on the water" in Odessa - is a unique and exciting world of drawing on the water. Be creative, create and discover their talents of the artist!

    Ebru - very wonderful and unique way to draw. On celebration this play would be an interesting addition, because not only children, but adults can take part in a master class. The figures obtained are so unusual and original that the pictures are fascinating!

    Such pictures are similar to marble paper, because due to the density difference of water in the pan and high quality organic paints used to paint,
    obtained interesting artistic solutions and color compositions.

    Drawing process is very fascinating and informative, and consists of several stages:

    • The first and most secret stage - the application of special paints on the surface of water, they do not mix and clearly reflect the fact that you draw.
    • Next, using a special sewing or ridge, you draw elements of the picture.
    • The last step in the creation of the painting - is the transfer of your creations on the paper. A sheet of paper is placed gently on the surface of water for 10 seconds, then raise the slow movement.      Now your beautiful picture in your hands, you can frame it in a frame and keep it as a souvenir for yourself or give a loved one.

    Included in the price:

    • pallet;
    • paints;
    • brushes;
    • awl, comb;
    • canvas.

    During the master class you will learn:

    • Ebru technique of drawing;
    • the specifics of working with special paints;
    • the choice of the composition and selection of color combinations.
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