Knight Tournament

Рыцарский турнир, рыцарские бои, состязания рыцарей
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    Knights' tournaments - a large-scale events  which were widely known in the Middle Ages. In our time, tournaments can exist as a vivid and memorable event on your event in Odessa.

    At the moment, there are many ways how to spend the tournament and what it can include in itself. The emphasis in the organization of the festival is to make it a full-length medieval show. The basis for this assertion is in what materials and resources actors for this purpose use.

    Stylized knight show may include:

    • competition in knightly armor accurate sample of 13-14 century;
    • knights battle 1 to 1;
    • fighting "wall to wall";
    • photos with the artists.

    This is a list of what can be included in the so-called "standard" joust. If you want to complement your show additional elements to help enhance your celebration, it can easily be carried out.

    A beautiful addition to your show can become:

    • fire show;
    • performance dance groups (team selection may depend on the theme of the event);
    • hot knights.

    This is not a complete list of what can be diluted with stylized joust. Knight's tournament - it's bright, and the most importantly - not common show. This fact makes it unique. If you are planning a large-scale event for your children, you can enter a joust in the organization of "real" medieval city.

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