Neon Show “Black cabinet”

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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
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         If your event will be held indoors, and you really want to celebrate an event in an unique and creative way, the neon show in Odessa can help you to cope with this task.

         Intricate game of darkness and light, a variety of colors that are breaking the darkness, original costumes - all this is the neon show. In neon sho, unlike a fire show where the fire is important, the main focus is the colorful part of the costume and tools. Speech obtained unique and mysterious.

         Attending neon show in Odessa, even the most rabid supporter of the laws of physics, begins to doubt in its truthfulness and accuracy. Pretty hard to explain the fact of hanging in the air and flying in the dark items and costume elements. However, everything is very simple. Black suits, light, exhibited a certain way, sometimes using velvet - and here, we've got the magic neon show.

         During the show, a software tools do not emit odors, no heat, no damage to your eyes and undemanding in operation. To achieve the effect of passive fluorescent fabric suits in neon show recommended to install spotlights ultraviolet illumination. However, even without any additional ultraviolet light suits in neon show surprise present for your celebration of people.

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