Organization of wedding in Cyprus – wedding in Cyprus

Свадьба на Кипре цена
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    You will not regret, having decided to celebrate your most, perhaps, significant event in life - the birth of a new family - in Cyprus. No wonder there are so many enthusiastic reviews of those who recall their wedding in Cyprus with joy and a desire to return there yet. It is believed that marriage, concluded on an island famous for its many ancient monuments, will also be inviolable for many years.

    You can organize the wedding yourself, or you can ask for help from specialists who have experience in holding such events. One of the most famous companies in Ukraine, which organizes all festive and entertaining events, is the staff of the website Perepoloch. Having seen all the proposed options for their entertainment, you will have no doubt about their competence and reliability. Of course, the prices will be slightly higher than those in which the organization would cost the organization on its own, but the wedding will pass at a height, and you do not have to worry.

    We will make a reservation at once that organizing your wedding away from home is not an easy task. Naturally, this important event will not be tolerated (not so much an event as your nervous system, which on this day will be on the limit), if something goes wrong. Therefore, you need to make every effort to agree with all and to foresee everything.

    Now, briefly about what is needed for the wedding ceremony in Cyprus:

    • To reserve a ceremony in the municipality
    • Pay the state fee and the cost of working with documents
    • Book a car
    • Order a bouquet of bride and groom's boutonniere
    • Find a stylist, photographer and toastmaster
    • Arrange in the restaurant about the menu

    As well as in Ukraine, you can agree on an exit session. Then the wedding will take place in your chosen romantic place. It can be just the coast at sunset, but what an unforgettable experience it is able to give. It can be such monuments of antiquity as the castle in Limassol, the Venetian monastery in Ayia Napa, the villa of Dionysos in Paphos. You will get amazing beauty pictures of a young family against the background of authentic ruins. A symbol of eternal love for the newlyweds will be the bridge of lovers and the bathing place of Aphrodite. For the ceremony you can reserve a yacht, use the hotel and the coastal resort, additional pleasant emotions will bring balloons and other decorations, salutes, live music.

    According to the minimum estimates, the official part will cost about 1500 euros. This price includes:

    • Marriage registration
    • Transfer
    • Payment of duties and translation of documents
    • The manager
    • Champagne
    • Photoshoot for 4 hours

    For many, paperwork becomes an obstacle in the preparation of a wedding without resorting to an agency, so an alternative symbolic wedding can become an alternative solution. It consists that the official part is spent in a native city, and you leave to celebrate a marriage with already ready certificate about marriage.

    If you decide to contact our agency, to be sure of the positive result of the planned event, managers with pleasure and great attention to the seriousness of such an important event will plan according to your wishes the whole ceremony, and its cost will become a pleasant surprise for you. Also you can get acquainted on our website with examples of weddings we held using the links below:

    Be sure that with us your holiday will be remembered for the rest of your life with an enduring sense of admiration and joy!

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