Organization of the wedding in the Czech Republic – wedding in the Czech Republic

Свадьба в Чехии цена
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    About the wedding in the Czech dream of young women who want to be in a delicate wedding dress against the background of medieval castles. Young men also will not remain indifferent to the majestic structures and fascinating sights. In this country you can find a lot of places in which the newlyweds will receive not only unforgettable impressions, but also unique photos in memory of the celebration.

    Organizing a wedding abroad by yourself can be a very difficult task for you. First of all, you will encounter the procedure of registration and collection of all necessary documents. You will also need to translate the papers into Czech. The visa will also need to be issued in advance.

    But that's not all. After all, the wedding ceremony implies not only the presence of the bride and groom, but also the presenter, the guests, the photographer and, possibly, even the videographer. In addition, you will need to:

    • Pick a place;
    • Book it on the relevant date;
    • Order a car rental;
    • Organize the decoration of the hall;
    • Pick up a restaurant and menu;
    • Take care of guests.

    And this is far from the whole list of cases that will fall on your agitated shoulders. At the same time, you will need to find time for yourself, order a stylist and make-up artist, a bouquet, if necessary, rent outfits and think over the places for a photo session. And, believe me, there is a huge choice in this country.

    Enjoy the full extent of wedding charms will not be possible due to the fact that you will worry about whether everything will go further according to your scenario. You can get the same opportunity to avoid all this fussiness by contacting the masters of the organization of various kinds of events - the managers of the company Perepoloch. For the years of the firm's existence, they have already held more than a dozen weddings, reports on which can be viewed in the corresponding section on the website.

    The organization of weddings is one of the specializations of the company, so all the hardships and preparations they will happily take upon themselves, leaving you only a pleasant excitement and concern for the rehearsal of your wedding speech. The cost for your celebration, they will calculate, based on your wishes. Everything will be organized according to the highest category, since there should be no mistakes in such an important life event.

    You can order a ceremony in any castle in Prague or outside of it. Only for the departure of the city will require the rental of additional transport not only for you, but also for the guests.

    The price will also depend on the number of guests, as well as the date of the celebration. If the budget in the plan is exceeded, you can always rewrite it and come to a smaller amount.

    Wedding ceremony in the Czech Republic can also be conditional. In this case, the cost of filing documents, state duty will be deducted from the price. The painting will be made in your home country, and an exit wedding will be held wherever you want.

    Entrust the organization of the most important event in your life to professionals - and you will only have to enjoy each other and bright emotions from wedding adventures!

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