Рositive music group

живая музыка
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Unfortunately, the service is no longer available for order and is archived.

Lovely staff with higher musical education presented women's and two men's diverse vocals.

Great experience both in Ukraine and abroad, performances in pubs and clubs have won glory team.

The song repertoire of "Gatsby", "Rock-wave", "Dudes", "Italiano", "Disco", which are performed by lyrical music. Live music and beautiful singing will cause a lot of pleasant emotions.

In the presence of several options variety of costumes.

Lyric of the song takes a violinist playing romantic music at weddings and corporate events. DJs work the musical blocks and cover bands. Funny, hot dances cause the best impression of the concert program.

Along with this service order:

  • fireworks show;
  • neon show;
  • fire show

Positive music commissioned for birthday, wedding, corporate, February 23, will give guests a lot of positive emotions and vivid impressions.

Additional charge for technical and household rider.


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