Dancing Painter Show

Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    The show of a dancing painter is an original genre, a kind of symbiosis that combines painting and dance. Such a unique format gives viewers genuine enthusiastic emotions during a dance art show, in the finale of which those who are present can see a pop-art picture created right before their eyes.

    Even in early childhood, being a creative child, the artist dreamed of surprising others and conquering the world. He participated in various dance competitions and competitions for young painters. The aim to succeed, the stubborn desire and work led a brilliant artist in 2013 to the show "Ukraine's Got Talent". There, the artist demonstrated several creative performances, thanks to which he was able to get into the semifinal of the show. After participating in the project, the artist began to tour in Ukraine, Europe and Asia (Switzerland, France, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Russia).

    The artist will decorate an event of any format - a party, wedding, birthday, children's party or corporate one, filling the event with magic in the final part of the show. During the “Dancing Painter Show”, everything around freezes, as those who are present are closely watching the action that's taking place, being afraid to miss something. The artist always breaks a flurry of applause thanks to his amazing talent and high skill.

    Dancing painter performs in different styles, so his work is always beyond. In addition, the artist invests a special meaning in every work. Since the performance consists of several elements at once - dance and drawing - the “Dancing Painter Show” will interest not only lovers of painting, but also lovers of choreography, and certainly will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated viewer.

    Possible show formats:

    • themed show numbers in the style and concept of the holiday;
    • the image on the canvas of famous personalities (Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Nefertiti, Cupid, Playboy, etc.);
    • portraits of your friends and relatives or heroes of the occasion (birthday boy/girl, newlyweds, company director);
    • logos of companies and public organizations.

    The cost of a standard show in the theme of the event (Ukrainian number, Odessa number, celebrities, etc.) - 250$.

    The cost of the show for an individual order (portrait or company logo) - 350$.
    It is possible to perform with a ballet (two artists), which will perfectly decorate the wedding celebration. Cost - 400$.

    New Year's show number with ballet - in the picture Santa and Symbol of the Year - 300$.

    The duration of the show is 6-10 minutes.

    It is possible to create a portrait as a gift. The price is calculated individually.

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