Social campaign from Steko

Our customers, manufacturers of windows Steko, decided to hold a social action on a very interesting topic. The action took place all over Ukraine, its goal was to bring windows and children to adult rules of safety.

Category: social action;

Dates: August 4, 2018;

Place: Park them. T. Shevchenko, Odecca

Number of guests: 50 persons;

WHAT DO WE KNOW ABOUT SAFETY STAY NEAR THE WINDOW? With the onset of warm weather, this issue is particularly relevant. Reports of children dropped out of the windows every year becomes more and more.

If earlier the child was often unable to open a wooden frame, then he can do this with a modern window with ease. If such a supply mosquito net, then it becomes doubly dangerous. Often parents mistakenly rely on the protection of the grid, thinking that the child is too small to squeeze it out. But children perceive the grid as a protective barrier and, leaning on it, fall out of the window with it.

In many European countries, the law requires manufacturers to install “child protection” on windows. This security measure is provided even in those homes where there are no children yet.

We want to talk about such a simple mechanism as a children's castle from Steko. It is installed on the window sash and when the key is turned it does not allow the baby to open the window completely - only in the airing mode, thereby protecting the child from falling out.

The action we carried out in the park to them. T. Shevchenko.

Of our services have been implemented:

  • Animators and program for children;
  • Press wall;
  • Promoters.


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