Stage flashes and the track of flashes

Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Stage flashes and track of flashes - a pyrotechnic  element, which consists of flashes and flash them in turn.These technical elements are extremely popular when you need to surprise or to make effect of suddennes.

     Flashes have effect of:

    • snap action;
    • prolonged action;

    This is what distinguisheв  outbreaks from the fleshs -  continuance of machine work. The path of the flushes performed due to the outbreak of alternately forming a kind of "track".

    Stage elements is good for:

    • the opening of the event,
    • to its climax;
    • for awarding it.

    ..... Flashes are also needed in order to emphasize the strong beats. Locate and mount it you can anywhere.

    This technique is designed for you to organize it in closed rooms, in the scenery, podiums. If necessary, it can be built into the elements of costume and props. It looks beautiful, stylish and unexpected. And also allows to emphasize the solemn part of the event.



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