Duet air gymnasts

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Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
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    Aerial gymnastics is a dance-acrobatic genre, it has many faces and diverse. The harmony of music, dance and gymnastic elements performed by artists creates unforgettable emotions and impressions for the viewer.

    Often, many people want to surprise you with unusual and memorable show. In the air gymnast show, you will plunge into a magical world, where nothing is impossible, where there is no gravity, where people float in the air, doing dizzying dance tricks, and captures the spirit of beauty, grace and variety of images!

    The performances of aerial gymnasts are always bright and fascinating, the audience is transferred to the wonderful world where beauty, strength and grace reign. Many images and intricate scenes, dozens of beautiful stories are told at the height and intertwined with breathtaking dangerous stunts.

    Any solemn event will be exquisite and unforgettable for all guests if you decorate it with performances in the air. The dynamics of dance with dizzying stunts - this is what excites, stirs and forces the viewer to die of admiration.
    Beauty and grace, dynamics and expressiveness of movements - with the help of all this gymnasts will be the highlight of the program of your event.

    The entertainment of the gymnastic show, created from sports elements, diluted with dance movements, music, light effects, bright and specific costumes, various makeup, will affect the emotional strings of the soul of each viewer, they will appreciate the efforts of the organizers to create a rich and unique atmosphere of the holiday.

    * Technical and domestic rider is calculated separately.

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