Bachelorette hen party

Декор в Одесса

Category: Hen party;

Dates: August 24, 2018;

Place: Beach;

Number of states: 8 persons;

A wedding is a wonderful and exciting day in life for two people who have decided to create a new family. On the threshold of this holiday, the newlyweds carefully prepare, select the place of celebration, decor, costumes, host and show program .... so much to do. At such times, the support of friends and relatives is very important. And how I want to make a nice bride, so that she is distracted from all worries and just rested with her close friends. We believe that the celebration of a bachelorette party is also a very important event before the wedding, and that’s why we love to prepare such holidays.

The bridesmaids turned to us to arrange a surprise for her. They wanted something tender and feminine, and most importantly so that they could be with their little friendly company alone. You need to choose a place, design, entertainment and themes for this day, so that everything looks harmonious and beautiful. And then we offered to arrange a light and beautiful picnic on the beach by the sea in the style of boho. Warm shades of sunsets, alluring noise of the surf, a light breeze and a beautiful view - all this is perfect for a bohemian girl evening. The girls immediately picked up this idea and enthusiastically picked up the details ... "because you can still do it like this ... and put on a light scarf ... and beautifully decorate it all ..." Yes, everything is possible) With all the wishes of the girlfriends brides we began to prepare for this day.

We needed to find a place on the beach, where the vacationers would not interfere with the party, but with a beautiful view and the atmosphere we need. It was a rocky beach, with a difficult passage, but it was worth it. There were practically no people there, and the stony beach was very good in the boho style. To prepare the place from which the bride should be delighted we needed: one truck; one passenger car; three men who helped us transfer heavy attributes, two decorators; one manager; and many, many forces to go down a steep rocky descent and transfer all attributes of design).

Attributes for design:

  • 2 pallets on which there was a table
  • small table
  • tent construction
  • table textiles
  • textiles for tent decoration
  • tableware
  • candles
  • flowers
  • vases
  • pads
  • gerlands
  • generator

When we gathered everything into a single picture, the table was elegantly decorated, the places for sitting down with pads were located nearby, and not far from the table there was a small tent, beautifully decorated and glowing from gerlyand. In it sat an artist who, during the whole evening, painted girls in the hands of mehendi.

When we met the bride and held her to the place of celebration, her smile and joyful eyes spoke for themselves ... the surprise was a success!


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