How to choose an event management company?

     To avoid problems, unforeseen loss of money and full disappointment in event management companies, we suggest you to consider next recommendations.

     Choosing an event management company, pinpoint your attention to:

     1. Experience. Better to check it on the registration date of an enterprise.  But here is an exception. Sometimes, experienced works leave their current place of work and change it for another company or open their own.

    2. Official website of the company. An event management company needs to have a website and the information on it should not be only about the services company provides. Better, if you can find there useful information about event management business, recommendations and guidance to the organization by your own.

    3. Feedback comments. Browsing the website, pay attention to “feedback” or “our clients” chapters and information in it. A company with a well going business will have good comments.

    4. The list of contractors. The list should not only be big enough, but also include valuable information about their experience, participation in contests, awards, media.

   5. Office. Office is an indicator of the success rate and the level of the company. If you hear: “unfortunately, we have a repair works at the office right now” or “right now we are moving to another office”, it means that probably there is no office at all, and “company” is only one person with mobile phone.

     We checked it ourselves, that without obeying this rules – to make clients trust you is impossible.

     We do everything possible to make our clients be happy and satisfied. 

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