Мастер-класс по мыловарению

сделать мыло в Одессе, мастер-класс по мыловарению в Одессе, Ароматное мыло в Одессе своими руками
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Master class on soap making in Odessa will allow you and your children to create their own hands fragrant soaps.

    Soap - a very joyful occupation, during which you can make soap with various fragrances and ingredients.

    The master class is accompanied by an introductory word in the history of soap making, which will allow you to discover something new.

    Your children will be provided with different molds in the shape of flowers, animals, hearts, trains, and many others. With the help of sensitive wizard master class participants will be able to choose his favorite color and flavor, garnish with soap flowers and sequins.

    Master class on soap making in Odessa includes:

    • Soap with honey + mint scrub soap-based.
    • soap and cream + orange scrub soap-based.
    • soap-cake with fruit.
    • soap-cake with spices.
    • soap with silk cocoons.
    • Soap with roses.
    • soap in decoupage technique.
    • on soap carving.
    • shampoo with nettle and silk proteins + toothpaste.
    • aromaplitka (4 species).

    The cost varies depending on the number of participants:

    • for 1 or 2 persons - 600 UAH
    • for companies up to 15 persons - 200 UAH per person.
      The optimal number of participants: 15 people.


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