Master class on felting wool

Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    Master class on felting wool in Odessa can help you to master the technique of felting and create unusual accessory.

    Felting wool – is a special technique of needlework, that allows to create pattern of felting wool on the felt or fabric panels, three-dimensional toys, clothing or accessories, decorative items.

    During the master class you will learn about materials, tools. You will also learn about the basic principles of working with wool and learn how to lay it. After making an item instructor will show you how it can be decorated.

    In the program of master class on felting wool:

    • orchid;
    • poppy;
    • bells;
    • daisies.

    The cost of the master class varies from venue.

    • On the territory of the master ((group more 5 persons) 400 UAH
    • Outbound - 500 UAH

    The duration of the master class on felting - 2 hours

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