Creative team

живая музыка на торжество
Price for:
Minimum order amount - 5000 UAH
*Cost includes manager support

    The creative team will give you high-quality music for relaxation and pleasure, filling the atmosphere with pleasant notes of quality music.

    The unique musical project - a new round of ideas in the vocal-instrumental culture. This soft sound in the lounge style, pop, soft rock, bossa nova, pop-jazz, blues & chill-out, bright concert program, original costumes, stylized show. Artists follow the world trends in music, looking for new and interesting solutions and implement them. New sounds, texts - all this finds its place in their work.

    The performance of this team bude the best option for those who appreciate quality music - cocktail and light, with a touch of jazz and incendiary rhythms!

    Options performances:

    • Duo - singer and guitarist - delicate vocals paired with exquisite sounding guitar;
    • trio - vocalist, guitarist and bass - the laid-back and colorful tone of voice and instrumental accompaniment music fill character;
    • quintet - singer, guitarist, bass, drums, keyboards - fiery rhythms of the accompaniment of a gentle voice.

    Bright and charismatic program reflects all the love artists to the stage and to his audience.

    The cost depends on the composition of the artists. Additional charge for household and technical rider.








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